Bananas and their health benefits

It’s almost afternoon and weather is getting better outside, snow is almost melted. We can see some grass coming out of lawn area. My banana chips are still on the table. After eating my breakfast and drinking my turmeric milk I decided to write about health benefits of bananas. Bananas Bananas are native to tropicalContinue reading “Bananas and their health benefits”

bitter guard and its benefits

Today is Monday, Its again snowing. We practice our meditation and ate our breakfast and when I looked outside I saw snow falling outside.  School bus passed by our street. Normally kids stay home and studying online. Our meditation music is very relaxing and healing. Our patch of forest is still standing outside in theContinue reading “bitter guard and its benefits”

quinoa with winter squash

Today is Wednesday and its almost afternoon. Its still winter here. Lots of snow outside very  cold. I am watching some documentaries about Tibetan religion a d Buddhism. Great religion. Peaceful people most of the time trying to teach meditation and discipline to their youth. I my self find meditation is important part of life,Continue reading “quinoa with winter squash”