butternut squash with onions and garlic infused olive oil

It’s the month of November and the day is sunny but cold and the trees outside have no leaves left. some trees are more resilient and can still survive the coming winter and when the snow comes some of them go into a deep freeze. All the bushes are gone outside or some of themContinue reading “butternut squash with onions and garlic infused olive oil”

Brussel sprouts and beans salad

It’s the month of November and still cold outside and only one snow storm came until now. thanks, the thanksgiving weekend is over, and time to write something. at thanksgiving in America, people make turkey dinner with side dishes and enjoy shopping with family and friends. yesterday night I decided to make Brussels sprouts andContinue reading “Brussel sprouts and beans salad”

mash potatoes with roasted chicken

It’s Tuesday, November 22, and feels less cold and we went to fill out the form and after coming back decided to eat store-bought rotisserie chicken and some stuffed mushrooms. I decided to make mashed potatoes go along with it. store-bought dinner was not that expensive. Thanksgiving is coming, and hopefully, we will be ableContinue reading “mash potatoes with roasted chicken”

bean salad with beats and chicken wings

its 2nd week of November and the weather is cold and the grass is still green. we need to put seeds in the backyard. I hope we will able to get rid of diseases grape wines from the root and able to cut poison ivy weeds. so it won’t poison our skin anymore. Getting ridContinue reading “bean salad with beats and chicken wings”

lentils with flex seeds , garlic and ginger

its 2nd week of November and the weather is getting cold and cloudy again. All the leaves are gone and the grass is still there but very cold. yesterday night I saw a movie alone but I passed my time then I cooked a very delicious meal of 2 kinds of lentils mixed that IContinue reading “lentils with flex seeds , garlic and ginger”