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Welcome to my site. I hope you guys will enjoy the recipes and the health benefits of the ingredients and the spices and organic stuff I used in my cooking.

My name is Harjot and I am starting my own blog. I was born in India and fall in love with America and the beautiful people I am living with. I love my family and the neighborhood I am living in currently. I am living in east coast. Weather is turning beautiful and warm. I want to share how I change my life to organic living that we all deserved and can live healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

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mango and celery salad

Today is Monday May, 10. Weather is very cloudy for today. From few days looks like lots of rain and thunderstorms. All the vegetation is almost green and trees looks fine. Looks like tropical retreat with mangoes and bananas. Yesterday was mothers day and we had a cake with beautiful flowers and good time withContinue reading “mango and celery salad”

sweet potato recipe

Today is Friday and weather seems little cloudy and hope for warmth. Outside all the trees are sprouted and looks great. I saw lot of green grass outside and I hope we can able to grow something outside in the real world for coming season. Our neighbors trees looks good and full of leaves. IContinue reading “sweet potato recipe”

vegetarian dinner

Today is Sunday and kind of lazy day but we able to go out and buy stuff for our garden and weather seems cloudy . Hopefully we are able to see showers so our plants will do better. I think Egg plant dish is great for dinner with another dish with potato wedges with whiteContinue reading “vegetarian dinner”

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