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Welcome to my site. I hope you guys will enjoy the recipes and the health benefits of the ingredients and the spices and organic stuff I used in my cooking.

My name is Harjot and I am starting my own blog. I was born in India and fall in love with America and the beautiful people I am living with. I love my family and the neighborhood I am living in currently. I am living in east coast. Weather is turning beautiful and warm. I want to share how I change my life to organic living that we all deserved and can live healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

Latest from the Blog

Rice with chick peas

Before new year’s eve,I made chickpeas and rice. I made it Indian style. chickpeas are eaten worldwide it’s a kind of lentil. chickpeas are good paring with rice. Indian food is made with Indian spices and is good for health. lots of people in India eat vegetarian food it’s good for health and when people…

Salad with burger

It’s the month of December and, it’s kind of cold. yesterday water gets cold and we take bath with cold water. outside its winter month. Last week it snowed and then two days ago because of rainfall all the snow melted and the grass is still green, I think somewhere it’s snowing. Today it’s windy…

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