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Welcome to my site. I hope you guys will enjoy the recipes and the health benefits of the ingredients and the spices and organic stuff I used in my cooking.

My name is Harjot and I am starting my own blog. I was born in India and fall in love with America and the beautiful people I am living with. I love my family and the neighborhood I am living in currently. I am living in east coast. Weather is turning beautiful and warm. I want to share how I change my life to organic living that we all deserved and can live healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

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bitter guard and its benefits

Today is Monday, Its again snowing. We practice our meditation and ate our breakfast and when I looked outside I saw snow falling outside.  School bus passed by our street. Normally kids stay home and studying online. Our meditation music is very relaxing and healing. Our patch of forest is still standing outside in theContinue reading “bitter guard and its benefits”

Tofu with brown rice

Its almost evening time. We still has lost of snow outside. Its very cold outside. White snow on trees and still more coming next week. Looks like big climatic change. I wonder how some trees are still standing giving shelter to lots of wild animals and wildlife still providing food to lots of birds andContinue reading “Tofu with brown rice”

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