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Welcome to my site. I hope you guys will enjoy the recipes and the health benefits of the ingredients and the spices and organic stuff I used in my cooking.

My name is Harjot and I am starting my own blog. I was born in India and fall in love with America and the beautiful people I am living with. I love my family and the neighborhood I am living in currently. I am living in east coast. Weather is turning beautiful and warm. I want to share how I change my life to organic living that we all deserved and can live healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

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Morning tea with omlate

I woke up in the morning and take a bath and came down stairs and make my tea with fennel and cardamom and few cloves after drinking a glass of water in the morning helps to make the stomach feel better. eating a whole grain toast will help to curve the breakfast and make usContinue reading “Morning tea with omlate”

Ginger and garlic pickle

Its Wednesday and I hope weather will show some improvement. Warm and sunny weather would be nice. I have that will improve life expectancy and we will improve our weather and our veggies. I hope I am able to make some beautiful pickles. they are pro biotic and very healthy for digestive system. garlic pickleContinue reading “Ginger and garlic pickle”

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