brown rice with spinach and bean salad with yogurt.

It’s the month of November and today it’s raining. I woke up in the morning after doing my dishes and washing clothes, I ate my breakfast with a cup of warm tea and egg from leftover brown rice I made last night, then I decided to write the recipe of what we made last night. it was delicious and the kids loved it and I have some leftover recipes.


1 cup of brown rice.

1 cup of baby spinach.

2 tablespoons of olive oil.


Take a pan and add 2 tablespoon of olive oil and then add baby spinach then cookit for 5 minutes, wash the rice and then put it in the pan and mix it well and then cover the pan and cook it for 20 minutes on low heat. then off the heat and put it in a bowl.

Health benefits

Brown rice are full of fiber and vitamins like iron, phosphorous, selenium, vitamin b nd calcium.

spinach is good source of iron and calcium, good source of vitamin A and helps to reduce cholesterol.

olive oil is good for heart.

Bean salad

Beans are vegetarian and kind of like lentiles and can be soaked overnight and boiled until soft to touch. i used canned beans that was organic for my salad.


1can of beans.

Half cup of baby tomatoes.

2 tablespoons of olive oil.

pinch of salt and pepper.


Take a can of beans and put it in a bowl and then take baby tomato cut them in half and add to the beans , just add salt pepper and oilve oil. Mix it well and its ready to serve.

Health benefits

Beans are full of fiber and protein.


you can make yogurt by warming it and putting one tablespoon of yogurt and cover it up and pit it in warm place , In the morning time its ready and really yummy.

yogurt is good for health. I try to make it unique by adding few spices in it.


Take asmall pan add 1tablespoon of olive oil,then add teaspoon of salt, pepper , turmerivc and cumin. cook it for 1 minute and add it to the yogurt, about 1litre. it taste good and its unique.

Health benefits

The spices we used are good for digestion .

cumin is good for cleansing digestive system.

Turmeric has curcumin that can cure many ailments.

little bit of salt and pepper is good for health.

yogurt is probiotic and good source of vitamin C and calcium . good for bone health.

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