veg soup with chia seeds

It’s Month of May and hot summer day with cool air. Day temperature is hot and evenings are cold. flowers are blooming but need a lot of care water and fertilizer. birds are chirping outside and making nests under the deck. There are snakes, groundhogs, and rabbits everywhere in our backyard and neighborhood. Today afterContinue reading “veg soup with chia seeds”

fruit salad

It’s the month of May and a hot summer day outside. grass and trees are lush green and beautiful. my veggie patch is doing excellent. cool breeze on a hot summer day asks for a healthy light snack. fruit salad is one of them. adding healthy fruit to our diet can do miracles. Apples, Peaches,Continue reading “fruit salad”

eggplant parmesan

It’s almost evening time. Today the day was warm and cozy. I planted tomato plants in my veggie patch watered them and hope for nice sunshine. tomatoes love sunshine. I have to fertilize them so they can grow healthy. I saw a garden snake resting in sunshine. overall day was good and peaceful. for dinner,Continue reading “eggplant parmesan”

lunch break

it’s almost afternoon and the day is very sunny and warm. looking out of the window it’s windy outside. I can hear birds chirping and playing in the backyard. I made a nice little fountain for birds to play in the water and after eating their food resting in their birdhouse. I think today’s lunchContinue reading “lunch break”

Healthy lunch

It’s almost lunchtime and I am going to make excellent vegetarian lentil soup with rice. I mixed two kinds of lentils red and yellow. excellent source of protein, easy on the digestive system, and a good source of fiber. Today’s day is rainy and cloudy and hot lentil soup with plain rice is an excellentContinue reading “Healthy lunch”

wholegrain muffins

It’s Friday and I am making delicious Muffins. They are made of multi-grains and are a very healthy option. when I look out my window it’s cloudy, looks like going to rain. With a cup of nice cinnamon tea, a muffin is a good breakfast. The wind starts blowing and feels like spring. Recipe 1cupContinue reading “wholegrain muffins”

vegetarian snack

It’s Tuesday and almost evening time, I was working to make a vegetarian snack that is filling and very healthy. a cold front is still here. I tried to fertilize my plants today, I bought some small fruit trees and still waiting to plant them outside, once the frost will pass. I can hear theContinue reading “vegetarian snack”

Indian curry

Its evening time and the day was ok, try to do housework and keeping myself busy with my art and craft project. weather today is cold. still waiting for the best of summer to come. today for dinner I am making indian curry with Basmati Rice. curry powder is blend of spices that is goodContinue reading “Indian curry”

garden tips

May is almost here and still looking for sunshine and nice warm weather. today I shopped for,. some flower pots. hopefully, my flowers survive and grow. finally the weather is ready for gardening , preparing the soil amending it if we need to. some gardening tips for good gardening are listed below. Tips Always useContinue reading “garden tips”


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