pizza day

Today I month of July. it’s a very hot day temperature is around. 90 degree. we decided to change our planters and plants into big pots. putting more dirt so the roots can survive. I decided to make pizza with organic veggies so everybody can enjoy it. I hope it’s going to rain after soContinue reading “pizza day”

roti with okra

Its the first week of July and weather is sunny and hot.My pool is ready so kids can jumpin. I am wating for nice rain shower. Last night I made nice indian whole wheat roti and okra as side dish. we can serve it with kefir a probiotic drink. Ingredients for making roti 2 cupsContinue reading “roti with okra”

healthy organic snack

It’s the month of June. Weather is really Nice and sunny . My trees are growing really well. it’s almost afternoon and I am thinking about making a nice snack for lunch. it’s healthy and really nutritious. Ingredients 1 cup of grated zucchini. 1 cup of grated carrots. Half cup of corn flour. Half cupContinue reading “healthy organic snack”

healthy desert

Its the month of June. The weather is warm and really nice. After drinking a nice organic cup of coffee I decided to make a very unique desert. it’s very healthy and delicious. Ingredients 1 cup of chick pea flour. one-third cup of coconut flour. one-third cup of coconut flakes. 2 tablespoons of honey. one-thirdContinue reading “healthy desert”

chick pea salad

It’s June 15 and a very nice hot summer day. The grass is green and a cool breeze is blowing. I think I am going to make a beautiful chickpea salad for brunch. it’s healthy and very nutritious and simple to make and a nice cup of lavender tea. I try to use organic asContinue reading “chick pea salad”

south indian curry

Today is Tuesday and a very nice summer day. it’s very hot and good for the vegetables we are growing. I hope for a good amount of rain. I observed that rainwater grows vegetables much faster and greener than regular city water. today I am in amood to try something very different for lunch. itsContinue reading “south indian curry”

Quinoa for lunch

Its almost afternoon and weather is so windy outside. Hard to sit outside. but warm and turning cloudy. I watered my plants on deck, than made a cup of tea with herbs . Then I decided to make quinoa with veggies. I think its a good choice for todays lunch. Quinoa is a grain originatedContinue reading “Quinoa for lunch”

pizza day

It’s June 5, and the outside weather is a very warm and cool breeze. I worked in my yard to feed my plants some organic fertilizer. feels good to feed my veggies, working in the garden felt good then I watered them and took the weeds out. I am planting more seeds, I think someContinue reading “pizza day”


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