Tofu with brown rice

Its almost evening time. We still has lost of snow outside. Its very cold outside. White snow on trees and still more coming next week. Looks like big climatic change. I wonder how some trees are still standing giving shelter to lots of wild animals and wildlife still providing food to lots of birds andContinue reading “Tofu with brown rice”

mushroom and rice

Today is Saturday and day went ok . Its almost evening time. Its still very cold outside yesterday it was snowing. I think I am going to write about benefits of mushrooms . I think I am going to make mushroom rice. Mushrooms Mushrooms are rich in fiber, antioxidant ergothioneine and glutathione protein and antioxidants.Continue reading “mushroom and rice”

quinoa with winter squash

Today is Wednesday and its almost afternoon. Its still winter here. Lots of snow outside very  cold. I am watching some documentaries about Tibetan religion a d Buddhism. Great religion. Peaceful people most of the time trying to teach meditation and discipline to their youth. I my self find meditation is important part of life,Continue reading “quinoa with winter squash”

Fish and Broccoli

Today is Monday. Weather is bad outside. Its going to be snow and sleet. This year winter is hard. Usually we do not have that much snow this year is full of snow. Its almost evening time eating healthy dinner. Today I am going to try salmon with broccoli. Both are very healthy. Salmon  ItsContinue reading “Fish and Broccoli”

tofu benefits

Today is Friday. Weather outside is very calm and driveway still packed with snow. I think another snowstorm is coming next week. I watched evergreen forest documentary. It was beautiful to see how nature is preserving our forests and animal and plant life. Natural cascades and rivers were so peaceful and calm. I felt lotContinue reading “tofu benefits”

Benefits of sprouts

Today is Wednesday. Its almost afternoon and outside is full of snow. Its very cold outside and everything is frozen. I think I am going to write about benefits of sprouts for human body. Sprouts contain lots of vitamins. We can sprout lentils at home and enjoy them. I tried some and they come outContinue reading “Benefits of sprouts”

goji berries benefits

Its morning time and I came down after my meditation and ate my breakfast. I tried sprout bread high in Protein and a glass of organic milk. I think I am going to try organic eggs for brunch hopefully I will like its taste. Looking outside the window weather is sunny but very cold becauseContinue reading “goji berries benefits”

Miracle spice Turmeric

Today is Sunday and its evening time. It was snowing whole day. Weather is really cold and lot of snow outside. Weather is turning wintry. We just have cup of black oolong tea, tastes great. Its almost night time and I decided to write something about turmeric . Turmeric is native to Asia probably India.Continue reading “Miracle spice Turmeric”


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