Lasagna with yellow zucchini

Today is October 31 Halloween. weather falls, lots of leaves fell on grass and soil outside. we went for grocery shopping and bought Lasagna sheets. yesterday night I made lasagna and the kids loved it, it’s healthy and full of nutrition. winter is arriving. some of the trees will go into hibernation for the comingContinue reading “Lasagna with yellow zucchini”

soup with broccoli and peppers

Its almost the end of the month of October and Today’s weather looks much warmer. It’s a tropical front for the next 2 days. Halloween is nearby. watching pumpkin patches and pumpkin sellings in this month is normal. on the highway, I saw farmers selling pumpkins, lots of different kinds and colors. Halloween is aContinue reading “soup with broccoli and peppers”

rice with peppers and homemade Tomato puree

Its October 23 and almost evening time. Its raining outside and winter is arriving. we went outside in the daytime. Looks like the fall season. Yesterday we went for walk in the woods along the river. It’s very calming and refreshing. Lots of people were there and the path looks great. along the sides ofContinue reading “rice with peppers and homemade Tomato puree”

green beans with cherry tomatoes

Its month of october and stormy day today. Lots of clouds in the sky. Its month of fall foliage in connecticut. lots of leaves on the grass outside. Colors of the leaves look vibrantbut yellow leaves look great but falling. our trees look awsome. I think I will further do some embrodiary work. My embroidaryContinue reading “green beans with cherry tomatoes”