nutritious south Indian dinner recipe

Its Friday June 4. Weather was very tropical, and it was raining all day. Hope that new fennel sprouts will flourish and achieve excellence. But my today‚Äôs achievement is putting new sprouts the dirt outside in our beautiful tiny chambers of eco friendly dirt and hope for right environmental conditions for growth patterns. Weather isContinue reading “nutritious south Indian dinner recipe”

Rice benefits and nutritional value

Its almost afternoon and outside weather is sunny and warm. Our pool looks great and water quality is better then before. I hope cool breeze is coming our way and we will able to do some more yard work. Cleaning and organizing is essential part of summer routine and our trees are supposed to beContinue reading “Rice benefits and nutritional value”

ajwain, fennel and fenugreek

Today is Monday and weather is warm and sunny. I saw some beautiful birds outside chirping and playing in the grass. Looks beautiful and very nice. Finally, weather is warm enough to enjoy month of May. Yesterday it seems like Tropical weather arrived with beautiful wind outside and cloudy day with some shower seems soContinue reading “ajwain, fennel and fenugreek”