lentils with flex seeds , garlic and ginger

its 2nd week of November and the weather is getting cold and cloudy again. All the leaves are gone and the grass is still there but very cold. yesterday night I saw a movie alone but I passed my time then I cooked a very delicious meal of 2 kinds of lentils mixed that IContinue reading “lentils with flex seeds , garlic and ginger”

pasta with pumpkin and tomato sauce

it’s November 12 and the weather seems cold but ok. I try to finish my embroidery project. I started and will be able to finish it today. I see little flashes of sunshine and winter months are boring but we watched movies yesterday night and felt better. we slept the whole night. I did takeContinue reading “pasta with pumpkin and tomato sauce”

portabella mushrooms with green peas and onions

It’s the month of November and today is way cloudier than usual and dry leaves have fallen from trees, all the weed plants are drying out I hope the pine tree in the front will survive this winter. most of the trees will hibernate so they can survive the harsh coming snowy time. our grassContinue reading “portabella mushrooms with green peas and onions”

Indian curry paneer with sweet Italian peppers

It’s the first week of November and the weather is getting colder day by day. after cleaning our yard and trimming we feel better. hopefully, the plants we saved will flourish and give us some nice veggies and fruit. hope fully coming winter months will bring some warmth along the season. I think we willContinue reading “Indian curry paneer with sweet Italian peppers”

Brown lentils with cucumber salad and sprinkle of flex seeds.

Today is November 8, 2022. The weather is a little colder today but very nice and sunny. we went out for voting early in the morning. nice to vote for Midterm elections in Connecticut. There are hardly any leaves left on the grass. My embroidery project is going well. I hope I will be ableContinue reading “Brown lentils with cucumber salad and sprinkle of flex seeds.”