quinoa with peas

It’s the month of November and almost nighttime. I cleaned my daughter’s room and through all the unnecessary things in a garbage container. I thought spring cleaning before winter make sense. it’s a very dark night I hope tomorrow will bring some hope of light and friendship. I hope I will right some recipes before morning comes and I will go to court case tomorrow morning. I think quinoa is a good option because its a healthy grain.


1 cup of boiled quinoa,

one cup of baby tomatoes.

one cup of frozen green peas.

one teaspoon of salt.

one teaspoon of pepper.

juice of one lemon .

Pinch of basil and oregano.


Take all the ingredients and mix them well in a bowl and add salt pepper and herbs. leave it for 10 minutes so it will soak up all the flavors. It tastes very good and is very nutritious. I hope you guys like my recipe.

Health benefits

Quinoa is a Meso-American grain and It is packed with nutrients contains anti-inflammatory compounds and is high in fiber, a good source of vitamins and minerals. Its a good source of fiber.

Peas are good sources of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C. vitamin E and zinc and antioxidants that reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions.

I hope you guys like my recipe and give comments on it.

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