mash potatoes with roasted chicken

It’s Tuesday, November 22, and feels less cold and we went to fill out the form and after coming back decided to eat store-bought rotisserie chicken and some stuffed mushrooms. I decided to make mashed potatoes go along with it. store-bought dinner was not that expensive. Thanksgiving is coming, and hopefully, we will be able to make good food today evening. yesterday night I was able to make mashed potatoes. potatoes are root vegetables very starchy and are grown worldwide. its for Saturday night dinner when we want to relax because thanksgiving is coming. somebody ask me how to make an easy dinner so that’s what the suggestion buy some store-bought and some easy make at home. In my next blog, I will right how to make rotisserie chicken and stuffed mushrooms at home.


1pound potatoes.

Tablespoon of salt.

Tablespoon of pepper.

1 cup of kefir, a probiotic drink.

garlic chives


Take a pot and cut the potatoes and boiled them for 30 minutes so they are soft to the touch then let them cool and smash them to make them soft and add a cup of kefir and mix them well and add salt and’s yummy and healthy. I hope you guys like my recipe.

Health benefits

potatoes are full of carbs and starch, and contain minerals like potassium and some fiber, vitamins B6good more energy, metabolism, and brain. vitamin c , magnesium, folate, and potassium.

kefir is a yogurt drink full of probiotics and vitamins, very good for the digestive system.

garlic chives are heart-healthy.

we served it with store-bought rotisserie chicken and stuffed mushrooms that we bought.

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