Pasta with corn and beans

It’s the month of November and very cold and even the grass is cold, kids went to school and I decided to clean the kitchen, and 2 days ago I decided to make a very simple dish of pasta with corn and green beans. pasta is an Italian dish and seems easy to make and eat.


store-bought pasta

green beans


one-fourth of a tablespoon of salt.

one-fourth of a tablespoon of pepper.

Italian spice.

parmesan cheese.


Take a pound of pasta then add four cups of water, boil it on medium to low heat for 15 minutes and then off the heat. keep it on the side. Then take a pan and add a cup of green beans and a cup of corn then cook it for 15 more minutes then mix it up with pasta and add Italian spice to it and salt and pepper. then sprinkle parmesan cheese in it. its delicious to eat and the veggies we add like corn and green beans.

Health benefits

pasta is good source of iron and fiber and carbs.

green beans are full of vitamins, iron and fiber.

corn is grown worldwide and is a good source of carbs that vitamins and minerals.

garlic is good for heart health.

parmesan cheese has vitamin D in it.

salt is good for thyroid.

pepper is a very good absorption of curcumin. I hope you guys like today’s recipe. I hope you guys like my recipe.

One thought on “Pasta with corn and beans

  1. This dish was very simple but really pleasing to look at, you can almost taste it with your eyes looks so tasty. The pasta was really enjoyable all the flavors were perfect. The corn is always a really nice texture and flavor. This is a really great simple recipe for putting anyone in a good mood.


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