Tofu and carrots

its month of December and month is cold and its weekend and I made tofu that is good for vegetarian people, our grass is frozen and winter is becoming colder day by day. i decided to make warm nutritious healthy vegetarian tofu dish made of soya beans that are grinded and turn into soya milk and then curd to make tofu. I bought it from store. and made it Indian style. it turns out really good and I will right the recipe and all the ingredients we used.


2 cups of tofu.

1 cup of chopped onions.

1tea spoon of ginger.

1teaspoon of garlic paste.

3 tablespoon of regular oil.


Take a pan and add oil and onions in it, cook it on medium heat. and then add ginger and garlic in it and half teaspoon of turmeric. then add tofu and cook it on heat for 15 minutes on both sides and make it little brown. after 15 minutes its ready to eat.

Health benefits

Its good source of vegetarian protein.

Its low in fat so good for loosing weight.

Its good source of selenium and iron and calcium.

onions are good to cure inflammation. garlic is good for heart.

ginger is warm spice that is good to cure cold and flus.


2 cups of sliced carrots.

1teasppon of garlic.

1 teaspoon of garlic.

sprinkle of salt.


Take a pan add 3 tablespoon of garlic oil and sliced carrots and spices then cook it for 15 minutes cover the pan during cooking so its soft to eat. sprinkle little bit of salt and pumpkin seeds in it. its ready to eat. its very healthy .

Health benefits

carrots are good source of beta carotein and vitamin A and B and its good for eyesight.

Garlic is good for heart.

Ginger is good for boosting immune system.

pumpkin seeds are good source of fiber and vitamin A and C. I hope you guys will like todays recipe , its vegetarian and very nutritious.

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