butternut squash with onions and garlic infused olive oil

It’s the month of November and the day is sunny but cold and the trees outside have no leaves left. some trees are more resilient and can still survive the coming winter and when the snow comes some of them go into a deep freeze. All the bushes are gone outside or some of them dried up. Two days ago I made butternut squash and it comes out really good.


3 cups of butternut squash cubed.

1 teaspoon of salt.

3 tablespoons of garlic-infused olive oil.

1chopped onion.

how to make garlic-infused oil.

Take one cup of olive oil and add 5 cloves of garlic and put it on low heat for 15 minutes and then off the heat. then let it sit until it cools and then we can use it in cooking.


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Then put all the butternut squash and salt pepper and 3 tablespoons of garlic-infused olive oil then mix it well, cover it with aluminum foil, and put it in the oven then cook it for 60 minutes. then take it out and serve it with homemade bread.

Health benefits

Butternut squash is full of vitamins and helps to lose weight, It contains beta carotene and antioxidants that fight against free radicals that cause cancer. improves eyesight, and keeps bones strong.

onions are good sources of antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, and vitamin c, and can improve digestive health.

How to make bread


3 cups of all-purpose flour.

1 packet of yeast. 2 cups of warm water.

1tablespoon of olive oil.


preheat the oven to 350 degrees and in a bowl and add flour water and yeast and then make the dough and then add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and then cover it with a kitchen towel and let it puff for 1 hour. Then after an hour knead the dough again and let it rise for an hour and then put it in a tray and then cook it for 30 minutes they will rise and make nice bread. cut the bread into slices before you serve it with butternut squash. off the oven and serve it with butternut squash. it’s very good and nutritious.

Health benefits

wheat flour is a good source of carbs, protein and fiber, and iron.

I hope you guys like my recipe and gives comment on it.

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