pasta salad for dinner

Its the month of November, and the weather is getting cold, I think winter is colder than we thought. I hope most of the animals are hibernating and winter will be peaceful and better. we saw a movie at night time. and it was very different but unique. and yesterday night we made pasta salad, and it was delicious. we made pasta salad.


1 cup of flour.

2tablespons of olive oil.

one-fourth of a tablespoon of salt.

.Half table spoon of salt.

2 eggs


Take all the ingredients and mix them well and make the dough and then roll the dough and cut them into pieces and then boil it in to the water for 10 minutes and then drain the water and then put it to the baking dish, prepare other ingredients to mix in it to make pasta salad.

organic baby greens.

1 sliced tomato.

garlic chives.

pasta salad

Take boiled pasta and then add mixed spinach and tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper and parmesan cheese then mix them and ready to’s very flavorful and healthy.

Health benefits

flour has protein iron and carbs in it.

spinach is full of iron antioxidants and minerals.

Tomato has lycopene and vitamin C.

parmesan cheese has Vitamin D.

so as you know it’s very healthy and good for us. I hope you guys like my recipe.

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