lentils with flex seeds , garlic and ginger

its 2nd week of November and the weather is getting cold and cloudy again. All the leaves are gone and the grass is still there but very cold. yesterday night I saw a movie alone but I passed my time then I cooked a very delicious meal of 2 kinds of lentils mixed that I found in the pantry. black and brown lentils. I washed them before cooking in the cooker we bought. I decided to make it Indian style so it’s more flavorful and delicious. all the ingredients I choose are written. follow my recipe it’s very good.


2 cups of mixed lentils.

4 cups of water.

1 cup of mixed puree onions and tomatoes.

chili pepper.

1teaspoon of salt.

Half a teaspoon of pepper.

1teaspoon of garlic powder.


Take a cooker and put 2cups of lentils after washing and add 4 cups of clean water. then cover the lid and cook it for 15 minutes. then meanwhile the lentils are cooking, take a pan add garlic and 2 tablespoons of olive oil and add ginger powder, and turmeric, and cook it for 2 minutes and then add onion and tomato puree, cook it for 5 more minutes then add coriander powder. after the lentils are cooked add all the ingredients in the lentils and keep the cooker warm. this time I served it with naan bread.

Ingredients for making nan bread.

3 cups of whole-wheat bread.

2 cups of water.

I pouch of yeast.


mix all the ingredients and make the dough. cover it and keep it for 30 minutes to rise then cut the dough into equal parts then make balls and use a pastry roller to make nan bread and cook it on a hot plate. they look good and cook all the dough balls after making a nan or roti shape that is round. after cooking. put them on a plate and cover them with a kitchen towel so it remains warm. serve it with dal and put a spoon full of flex seeds and parsley flakes. serve it with naan bread we made or buy the naan bread from an Indian store to eat with it.

Health benefits

lentils are full of vitamins and minerals and iron, protein, and fiber, vitamin B6 and selenium, and some carbs for energy. lentils are full of vegetarian protein.

garlic we used is anti-inflammatory and good for heart health.

Tomatoes and onions are full of vitamin c and are good sources of multivitamins and antioxidants good for the immune system.

Flex seeds are a good source of omega threes.

I hope you guys like today’s recipe and try to make it.

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