omega 3 snack

Its 2nd the week of November and as usual cold winter days and we won’t able to walk outside because of the cold weather but I can try the treadmill today. the sun is shining and the weather is getting cold day by day. outside..everything feels cold. we took out the diseased grapevine roots because it was getting diseased every year, we try to spray organic products it works for a little while but again the same thing. so after 3 years of hard work we decided to take them off their roots. I decided to make a really unique dessert that is very healthy and good.


2 cups of besan flour.

1cup of walnuts ground.

1 cup of grounded flax seeds.

1cupof sunflower seeds.

1cup of pumpkin seeds.

1 can of condensed milk.

one-fourth cup of clarified butter.

I cup of coconut oil.


Take a deep pan and add one-fourth cup of clarified butter. then add 2 cups of chickpea flour and then added I cup of coconut oil and cook it on low to medium heat and keep on stringing it until its golden brown and then add condensed milk add all the ingredients one by one then mix them well while cooking them on low heat, we can smell it, it’s very flavorful then after 15 minutes take it off the heat, let it cool and make balls, they are delicious and are full of omega 3s.

Health benefits

chickpea flour are full of vitamins and minerals and packed with minerals and protein.

sunflower seeds lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and vitamin E , magnesium,, and linoleic acids, a very healthy heart.

pumpkin seeds are full of antioxidants, magnesium, and fiber.

flax seeds are full of omega-3s that are heart-healthy.

coconut oil is full of healthy fats that are heart-healthy.

I hope you guys like my recipe. give comments on it.

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