Dates desert with mint tea

It’s October 22. the month of October is colder the usual and leaves are falling because of Autumn. I hope we will go for walk again. Golden leaves falling on the grass looks amazing. I think we have to make a new shed outside. I hope our greenhouse plants will do great so we can save them for winter. we trimmed one of our pear trees and hopefully will be able to trim another one. Most of the plants will fall asleep in winter when the snow comes. its almost afternoon and I have to see how many of our plants survived. I made a really different desert. I made this with Dates and dark coco powder.


one and half cups of dates.

Half cup of coco powder.

One third cup of coconut powder.

One third cup of slithered almonds.

One third cup of coconut flakes.

powdered sugar.


Take 2 cups of dates and then soak them in water for one hour, after that clean the ends and blend them well in a blender, then add coco powder. coconut flakes and slithered almonds and coconut powder, mix them well so they can fully incorporate and then make coco and date logs , cut them in equal parts and make balls out of them. Then sprinkle powdered sugar on it. Its delicious and very healthy to eat.

Health benefits

Cocopowder decrease inflammation , good for brain and depression, improves memory, contains vitamins and minerals like selenium, fiber, protein and helps in weight loss.

Dates are very healthy and unique fruit, normally growm in middle east contains vitamins likeselenium, calcium, potassium and copper and phyto nutrients that are good for immune system and prevent DNA damage, and improves hormonal regulation.

coconut powder is very good , it controls bad cholestrol and helps to regulate weight.

Overall its very healthy and good.

Mint tea recipe

Take one cup of water put one teaspoon of mint and boil it then off the heat and cover it for 5 minutes. Filter it and drink the tea and enjoy it with Date and coco balls with almonds and coco powder. I hope you guyslike my recipe.

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