Kale patties after hiking trails

The month of October and very sunny today and falling leaves with blowing wind look amazing. on the weekend we went to the hiking trail by following the trees and the path was amazing, we try to learn about a few botanical species like Boston ferns and pines. I hope they can survive the coming winter after fall. on the way we saw a tree trunk that looked very old tree trunk, with a patch of wild mushrooms growing on it, looks amazing. I wonder what kind of wild mushrooms are these.

the path was steep and very satisfying and calming to go to see the forest area in the fall. very good waking uphill. In the end, we reached a very dark-looking but amazingly beautiful waterfall. falling from uphill to downwards, and lots of stones. I think this waterfall is the life source of this forest area and flowing water streams by collecting rainwater. The fall leaves falling in the water area create humus for thriving life forms and providing an excellent source of nutrition, that’s why the trees and flora, and fauna of the region is thriving. The ecosystem in that area is great. lots of leaves changed their color from green to orange, red, auburn to yellow, and the. falling in the trails. getting ready for coming winter. the scenic beauty of that waterfall was amazing dark but very calm.

After hiking we reached home I made a tiramisu cake for my son’s birthday and kale patties. We bought kale from the local grocery store and made an excellent nutritious snack. It’s a combination of few ingredients that we have in our refrigerator.


2 cups of chopped kale.

2 cups of poha rice.

Half cup of onion.

A teaspoon of garlic.

A teaspoon of black pepper and one green chili.

A teaspoon of salt.

A tablespoons of corn starch.


Mix all the ingredients in the blender take them out in a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. mix them well and make patties. taste the salt and add more according to your taste before you make patties. Then take a frying pan and add 3 tablespoons of olive oil and after warming, the pan put patties in it and flip it when it turns a little brownish, and cook it on the other side, and put it on a plate to serve. place towel paper under it to absorb extra oil. serve it with a nice spicy sauce. it’s delicious and very good.

Health benefits

live oil we used is full of polyphenols and very heart-healthy.

garlic is anti-microbial. and good for lowering cholesterol.

kale is full of vitamins and minerals like selenium, vitamins A, C, and K, potassium, calcium and Iron, and folate. it is one of the most nutritious leafy vegetables.

I hope you guys love the pictures and my recipe for kale patties. they are very healthy and nutritious. The olive oil we used is good for heart because of polyphenols and flavonoids. give comments. I will appreciate that.

One thought on “Kale patties after hiking trails

  1. The hiking trail was very satisfying and the fresh air was just what the body needed. The Tiramisu cake was super tasty really light and packed with flavors. The Kale patties were so delicious that the kids almost finished them. We need to make more Kale patties..


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