Dark chocolate squares

Today is October 19 my son’s birthday. The weather is sunny and very good. It’s getting colder day by day. All the trees outside turn yellow and their leaves are falling. some of the bushes turn reddish in color. Fall is colorful but after that winter arrives. It’s getting windy and cold day by day. falling leaves look beautiful in the wind. paths and grass are filled with fall leaves. It gives a cold shiver in the body. I try to do my embroidery work every day little by little. I made a beautiful cheesecake for my son’s birthday. A few days ago I made dark chocolate squares with coconut flakes, slithered almonds, and pumpkin seeds. I would write the recipe . it’s simple and delicious.


2 cups of roasted oats.

one cup of dark chocolate.

one-fourth cup of slithered almonds.

one-fourth cup of sunflower seeds.

one-fourth cup of coconut flakes.


take two cups of oat cereal. put it in a square dish. Add almonds, coconut, and seeds and mix them well. Then take a cup of dark chocolate and melt it in the microwave, add one-fourth cup of natural sugar. mix them well. Make sure to pure the chocolate mixture on all the ingredients. After mixing properly put them on the counter to set. Make sure all the ingredients are coated well with dark chocolate. after 2 hours cut the squares and eat them every day with a glass of milk, once or twice a day. it’s very healthy.

Health benefits

chocolate is one of the most popular desserts in the world. dark chocolate is the most healthiest one. It’s made od cocoa beans and full of polyphenols, flavonol, and antioxidants that protect the body from cancer-causing free radicals. bioactive compounds help to protect skin from aging. good for heart health by maintaining blood flow to the brain and heart. helps to reduce cholesterol. It helps to produce endorphins that are good for mood.

coconut flakes we used are good for the heart and reduce bad cholesterol and are good for skin and hairs.

sunflower seeds are full of vitamins and minerals, lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure and are good for immune system.

Almonds are heart health, good for skin and hairs, and full of vitamin E and minerals.

I hope you guys will like my recipes and comment on it.

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