green beans with cherry tomatoes

Its month of october and stormy day today. Lots of clouds in the sky. Its month of fall foliage in connecticut. lots of leaves on the grass outside. Colors of the leaves look vibrantbut yellow leaves look great but falling. our trees look awsome. I think I will further do some embrodiary work. My embroidary is very good. It takes time to do small stitching. i am wishing for my aero garden to do great. I hope the rose hips I collected will dry up and I will able to make awsome rose hip oil. when I was small I collected fall leaves and make scrap book for my teacher. I named all the leaves there appropriate names with beautiful colors. when we grow up we did there classification with botanical names.

Today I am going to write a very simple recipe low in calories and good to eat. its green beans from my garden and yellow and red cherry Tomatoes. eating healthy and good and simple easy to make food is important when we are dieting.


one cup of chopped green beans.

salt and pepper.

Thinly sliced cherry Tomatoes. Table spoon of olive oil.


Take a pan, put one tablespoon of olive oil. put it on medium heat and add cup of chopped green beans. Cook it for 10 minutes and then off the heat. add salt and pepper. Put it in a serving bowl. Then cut cherry tomatoes yellow and green and put it on top of green beans. sprinkly any spice if you feel like. Its delicious and very nutritious and simply organic.

Health benefits

olive oil we used are full of poly phenols and very heart healthy. low in calories .

green beans are full of vitamin K and calcium. good for healthy bones , presence of folate and vitamin B makes it more healthier. its good source of protein too.

cherry tomatoes we usedare full of Vitamin A,Vitamin C,E and potassium. lycopene present in tomatoes help to fight free radicals that causes health issues. its very heart healthy. presence of vitamin A and beta carotein make it more healthier and its low in calories.

overall this recipe is very simple and healthy. easy to make and good on stomach and good source of fiber. I hope you guys like my article on green beans and cherry tomatoes.

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