Noodle soup with veggies and herbs

It’s the month of October, and soon will be my son’s birthday. I hope I will be able to make a nice dinner for him. Today outside is cold and a little sunny. I can see the sunshine, hopefully, my veggie garden will survive longer. grass needs more seeding and more greenery. All the trees are turning, reddish, brownish, and yellow foliage outside. autumn colors are very beautiful in nature. some of the leaves are falling, I am hoping for my apple tree to grow some apples this season. when I come from Buckland road we saw two beautiful deer near our home. mama deer and baby deer. on the road coming back home from outside the farmstead, we saw so many apples falling from an apple tree. I hope my trees will give nice fruits. Two days ago I made nice delicious soup with noodles and seasonal carrots and baby red potatoes and beautiful onions.


Two large onions.

Two large tomatoes.

Half a cup of cherry tomatoes.

Two cups of chopped carrots.

baby potatoes.

2 Teaspoon of salt.

one teaspoon of pepper.

A teaspoon of garlic and ginger.

one cup od noodles.

Teaspoon of thyme and rosemerry.

Take a pot and add two tablespoons of olive oil, then add chopped onions and cook them for 5 minutes on medium heat. Then add cherry tomatoes and finally chopped one cup of pureed tomatoes, add a teaspoon of garlic and ginger. then stir them well and cook them for 15 minutes, then add spices. salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary, and one cup of chopped baby potatoes. Then add 6 cups of water and one cup of noodles and boil it for 20 minutes on medium heat. After 20 minutes noodles are going to be soft to eat, let it cool down first and serve It warm with a piece of bread it’s delicious and light on the stomach. veggies and herbs we add are very healthy and nutritious.

Health benefits

carrots are full of beta carotene and vitamin A . onions are good for the digestive system when they are cooked turns sweeter helps to reduce cholesterol, full of vitamin C. B and Potassium, and full of antioxidants that helps to reduce inflammation. Thyme and Rose merry Garlic and ginger are good for the stomach and helps to reduce cholesterol. and a good source of vitamins. I hope you guys will like my recipe.

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