pizza on a rainy day

It’s month of October, getting cold every day. it’s raining since yesterday night. I hope I will get my garlic seeds this week, so I can plant them. I hope I will be able to save some plants this winter. The cross stitch picture I am making is hopefully I will able to make it on time. yesterday night I was able to make 3 delicious pizzas with my excellent pizza dough recipe. the whole family enjoyed it and it was delicious.


3 cups of all-purpose flour.

1 teaspoon of salt.

2 tablespoons of olive oil.

chopped mushrooms.

Grated mozzeralla cheese.

sweet peppers.

Tomato sauce.

chopped onions.

thinly sliced green tomatoes.


Make Pizza dough, take one and a half cups of lukewarm water add 3 teaspoons of sugar, then add instant yeast to it then take 3 cups of flour and mix them well to make a dough. Then cover it with a kitchen towel and let it rise for an hour or so, after an hour kneed the dough until it’s smooth. cut the dough into three equal parts to make three different kinds of flatbread pizzas, then make a flatbread shape with a pastry roller. heat the oven at 450 f. cook the flatbread for 7 minutes. take it out and slather it with tomato sauce and Italian seasoning, then add chopped mushrooms and sweet peppers on top of it and mozzarella cheese and then decorate it with thinly sliced green tomatoes. Put it in the oven for 15 more minutes. it’s very nicely done with a crispy crust. it’s very delicious and nutritious. make it a thin crust by using less dough, if you want. I hope you guys like my recipe and will make a pizza and enjoy it.

Health benefits

mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes are full of vitamins,.

Mushrooms lowers cholesterol, are good for brain health good source of vitamins and micro minerals, selenium.

peppers are full of riboflavins and vitamin C and vitamin A.

Tomatoes are full of vitamin c and lycopene which is heart healthy.

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