pear pie

Its the month of September, few days ago rain storm came and from my backyard, I got some pears. I made a beautiful pear pie . today I decided to write about it. It’s a, most afternoon. The weather is nice and warm. I can see sunshine outside. the grass is green need to take weeds off the lawn. I will go for walk and see what can I do. we do clean the weeds out of one corner. that area looks much better. our grape wines keep on getting diseases so we have to get rid of them so we can get some new hybrid disease-resistant varieties. I am drinking my coffee and now going to write about a beautiful pear pie I made.


3 cups of chopped pears.

half cup of natural sugar.

A teaspoon of cinnamon.

pinch of nutmeg

pinch of salt

One fourth cup of butter.


Take apot put some butter and add all the ingredients and mix it well then cook it for 20 minutes on low to medium heat. off the heat.

Take a one cup of all-purpose flour and add one-fourth cup of butter and mix it well then add a teaspoon of water few times until the dough is right consistancy and then use a pastry roller to flatten it and put it in a pie dish, bake it at 250 degrees F at 20 minutes. Then take it out and add the prepared pears in it, then decorate it with pie dough and cook it again in the oven for 20 minutes at 250 degrees F. after cooking take it out and let it cool. Then eat it with a nice cup of coffee. it’s delicious and in season. i hope you guys like my recipe.give comments on it.

Health benefits

pears are very healthy and full of vitamin C, B, and fiber and very good for digestion. and in season.

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