pumpkin soup

Today is September 14 and the weather is sunny and warm. I hope somebody will clean our pool. This year too much pollen fell into the pool and is hard to scrub. I hope some of my veggies flourish. yesterday I made pumpkin soup, this year a few pumpkins are grown and one of my pumpkins is ripened and I want to make a soup. I hope my soup is delicious and healthy.


Three cups chopped and roasted pumpkin with seeds.

one cup of chopped tomatoes.

One cup of chopped onions.

one tablespoon of minced garlic.

one tablespoon chopped ginger.

Two teaspoons of salt.

one tablespoon of pepper.

Take a pot and add four cups of water and chopped onions, and chopped tomatoes and minced garlic, and minced ginger. and salt and pepper. Cook it for 30 minutes and cool it down and blend it, put it in a dish and sprinkle a tablespoon of chia seeds on it. serve it with bread, its delicious and very healthy.

Health benefits

pumpkins are full of vitamins and minerals. it has protein, carbs, and fiber and vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin E, Iron and Magnesium and Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, and vitamin C. make shore all the ingredients are organic. Try to make it pesticide-free it’s more healthier and edible. I hope you guys will like my recipe and give comments on it.

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