spinach and potatoes with brown rice

Today is september2 and the weather is good and sunny and everything outside looks fine. I hope my Tomato plants are giving a nice amount of Tomatoes. I hope some eggplants will soon give beautiful fruit. I hope my strawberries will grow well and my Apple tree will give beautiful apples in fall. I made very nutritious vegetarian dish yesterday for lunch. its brown rice with potatoes and garnished with nice spinach leaves.


One cup of Brown Rice.

3 cups of chopped potatoes.

one cup of diced tomatoes.

1cup of chopped onions.

2 teaspoons of salt.

1 teaspoon of pepper.

1 teaspoon of turmeric.

1tablesppon of minced ginger and garlic.

1cup of chopped spinach.

Take a big pot and put tablespoon of coconut oil then add chopped onions and garlic and ginger, then cook it for 5 minutes and add tomatoes and cook it for 10 more minutes then add 3 cups of potatoes. mix them well and add 1 cup of brown rice and 3cups of water, then cover the pot and cook it on medium to low heat for 25 minutes. off the heat and serve it in a nice pot. It’s very healthy and nutritious.

Health benefits

brown rice is full of vitamins and nutrition. grown rice is full of a good amount of fiber, calories, and protein, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, and selenium. it’s very healthy for weight loss and has a low glycemic value. It’s very heart-healthy and fills the stomach for a long time. I hope you guys will like my recipe and give comments on it.

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