Today’s dinner

Today is the first week of September, weather is cloudy and rainy. It’s almost evening time. . we eat a nice lunch Indian style and I am going to make a chickpea Indian curry with Basmati Rice. I went in my backyard and got some spinach leaves.


Two cups of chickpeas boiled.

one cup of chopped onions.

one tablespoonful of minced garlic and ginger.

one tablespoon of salt.

Two chili pepper.

Take a cooking pan and add a tablespoon of oil. Then add minced garlic and ginger. then let it cook for 2 minutes and add chopped onions then cook it for 5 minutes then add half cup of tomatoes. and cook it again then add two cups of boiled chickpeas. then cook it for twenty minutes. off the heat then serve it with rice.

recipe for making rice

Take two cups of Basmati Rice and wash them and then put them in a pan. Then add four cups of water, cover the pan and slowly cook it for 20 minutes. then off the heat. it’s nicely cooked and fluffy. serve it with chickpeas. Its very tasty and nutritious.

Health benefits

chickpeas are full of fiber and good for digestion.

Chickpeas are good sources of calcium, magnesium and fiber, and nutrients. for strong bones.

Rice is a good source of carbs and starch.

Rice is a good source of fiber, carbohydrates, protein, magnesium, and phosphorous.

I hope you guys like my recipe and give comments on it.

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