egg plant parmesan with pesto bread

It’s the end of the month of June. It’s very cloudy and windy outside. I enjoyed my cup of spicy chai in my pool area near water fountains and decided to make organic eggplant parmesan. with Italian cheeses. and I picked mozzarella and parmesan. these are very popular Italian cheeses.


1cup of shredded mozzarella.

one fourth cup of grated parmesan cheeses.

1 cup of tomato sauce with basil.

one thinly sliced egg plant.


warm the oven up to 400 degree and take a baking dish’ spray the dish with olive oil. then put sliced eggplants in row and add tablespoon on eggplant slices and then cover it up with mozzaralla cheese and little bit of parmasan cheese then put another slice of egg plant on it , repeat the process and make a full dish like that and on sprinkle parmasan cheese on top. put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degree you will see when it started to turn little brown. Then take it out of oven and serve in a nice plate.

ingrdients and recipe for making pesto

1cup of organic Amaranth leaves.

Half cup of mint.

1tea spoon of sea salt.

1tea spoon of pepper.

one forth cup of balsamic vinegar

Half cup od extra virgin olive oil.

Take all the ingredients and blend it in blender until its nice and pasty. Then take agarlic bread and slread the pesto we make and shredded chesse on it . put it in the oven at 350 for 7 minutes until start turning light brown. Then off it and serve it with egg plant parmasan. its delicious and nutritious.

Health benefits

Egg plant is full of antioxidants and vitamin A and vitamin C. and full of polyphenols.

tomato sauce good source of lycopenethat is very good for heart health.

cheese is full of protein.

Amaranth we usedto make pesto is good source of Protein, Fiber and micro nutrients.

mint is good for digestive system.

I hope you guys will like todays recipe and when you will make it and eat it you will be so happy . give your veiws about todays recipe.

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