Potato salad with pesto and yogurt

It’s the month of June and a nice summer day. after planting some flowers in a pot in front of my home I decided to eat some light salad for lunch. I can hear the neighbor mowing his lawn. It’s getting cloudy but still hot. I think I think I am going to make potato salad with scallions and mint and basil. it’s delicious and healthy and all the ingredients are available easily.

Pesto making

Half cup of basil.

half cup of mint.

1 cup of organic low-fat plain yogurt.

1 teaspoon of salt.

half teaspoon of black pepper.

one-fourth cup of chopped onions.

One-fourth cup of grapeseed oil.

Half cup of greek feta crumbled to add on potato salad.

blend all the ingredients in a blender and make a very smooth pesto. then put it in a dish. we will prepare our main ingredient, nice and clean organic potatoes. we will boil 1pound of potatoes. for 30 minutes until they are soft but not fully squished. After boiling we will let them cool for 5 minutes and then peel them. after that we will cut them into cubes. now it’s time to put the salad and all the ingredients together. put all the cubed potatoes in a big bowl. then add pesto all over the potatoes and mixed it well with a wooden spoon without smashing them. cover it up for 15 minutes so all the potatoes will absorb flavor and goodness from the pesto we added. then savor it, it’s healthy, filling, and easy to make. let’s talk about how good are the ingredients we used today for digestion and full of vitamins and minerals. potatoes are a good source of fiber and keep us fuller for a long time, so help us lose weight. fiber helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check. mint improves indigestion and cold symptoms rich in nutrients. The yogurt we use is probiotic. basil energies mind and body contain magnesium and eugenol that lowers blood pressure and lowers blood sugar full of vitamin A and K. so overall the salad with pesto we made today is very healthy and delicious. I hope you guys will try making that and enjoy it.

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