cole slaw

Today is Thursday, a nice rainy day in the month of summer. After drinking a nice cup of herbal tea writing a nice article about today’s brunch. my garden and veggie patch needs nice clean rainwater, so I can plant my zucchini plants. weather is good and favoring us for more gardening. after light yoga exercise and meditation, a nice light cabbage salad is healthy and it has my own healthy version of dressing that is not mayo.


4 cups of washed and shredded organic cabbage.

1 teaspoon of salt.

half teaspoon of grounded black pepper.

1 cup of greek yogurt.

half cup of parsley and basil pesto with extra virgin olive oil.

few sprigs of mint chopped.

half teaspoon of dry garlic powder.

take a big bowl add all the ingredients and mix them all together make it smooth then add shredded cabbage and mix them well. I put less salt in the beginning but we can add more according to our taste. t

pesto recipe

take half a cup of basil, parsley, and one-fourth cup of extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper and put it in a blender to make a smooth paste then add yogurt and all other spices and blend it nicely, then add it to shredded cabbage. it’s very healthy and easy to make. now I will write about how healthy all the ingredients we used to make it.

low-fat yogurt is probiotic good for the digestive system.

cabbage is full of vitamins and minerals. cabbage is full of fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, packed with nutrients. antioxidants help to reduce inflammation in the body.

garlic boosts the immune system and anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

basil and parsley are herbs and full of vitamins and minerals. vitamin A, B5,k, vitamin C, and micronutrients and rich in antioxidants that are essential to get rid of free radicals that cause cancer cells.

black pepper has a compound called piperine that helps in the absorption of nutrients and good source of manganese and flavor enhancer.

so now we know my version of cole slaw is very nutritious and healthy and because of fiber, it fills the stomach and is good for losing weight. good for healing the mind, body, and soul. I hope you guys like my recipe and will enjoy making it and eating it.

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