eggplant parmesan

It’s almost evening time. Today the day was warm and cozy. I planted tomato plants in my veggie patch watered them and hope for nice sunshine. tomatoes love sunshine. I have to fertilize them so they can grow healthy. I saw a garden snake resting in sunshine. overall day was good and peaceful. for dinner, I decided to make an Italian dish called eggplant parmesan. its very healthy and delicious.


onebig egg plant cut in 18 round slices.

mixed italian cheese.

Marinara sauce.

olive oil

and 6 round tomato slices.

gratedparmesan cheese.

Take a deep square dish . coat it with oilve oilfrom inside so veggies wonot stick to the bottom. Then arrange the eggplant slices in row in a dish. put a spoonfull of marinara sauce on each slice then sprinkle parmasan cheese on each slice, than put a tablespoon of mixed italian cheese on each slice ,than cover each slice with another row of egg plant slices.repeat the whole process until you finsh stscking all the slices , cheese and marinara sauce. In the end cover it with tomato slices and drizzle extra virgin oil on it. put the dish in to oven for 40 minutes at 350 degree. cover it with aluminium foil so it can cook evenly . After 40 minutes take it out . its so delicious and gorgeous looking. It smells so good. serve it with nice salad on the side. Its very healthy and vegetarian. tomatoes are full of antioxidant name lycopene, vitamink,vitamin c. very healthy. Eggplant is rich in nutrients, fiber, Protein, folate and potassium and antioxidants and good for digestion. cheese is a milk product full of calcium and olive oil is heart healthy and it tastes so good . very nutritious and healthy meal. you can eat it as it is or serve it with any kind of salad. like take cut romain lettuce and cut tomatoes and slices of tomatoes in it. make a vinegret out of vinegar and extravirgin olive oil, then drizzle on the sald its healthy too. serve it with main dish we made. i hope you guys will like my recipe for today.

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