hot sunny day withlentil soup

It’s Thursday, a very sunny day today, the weather is nice and warm. perfect for gardening and a bowl of hot lentil soup. there are so many different kinds of lentils. the one I used is called Moth and is brown in color. its flavor is different than others. it’s a good source of protein and fiber. I would like to share the recipe with you guys. It pairs well with rice.


1 cup of brown lentil.

half cup of rice.

A teaspoon of sea salt.

Half teaspoon of chili flakes.

Table spoon of coconut oil.

1Teaspoon of turmeric.

1 teaspoon of ginger and garlic mix.

Half cup of grated onions. Take a pot and wash lentils. Boil them until nice and soft, it’s going to take 30 minutes to cook them well. Then take a frying pan and add coconut oil and all the other spices and ingredients we mentioned. cook them well on low heat until they are light brown. then add them to the cooked lentil mixture. mix it well and its ready to eat , this time serve it with rice, cook 1cup of rice with 2cups of water on low heat. it will take 10 minutes. rice will be nice and fluff. This time to make it more healthier we will add a teaspoon of chia seeds . chia seeds are very healthy. it contains quercetin which reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Full of calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, and antioxidants. Even helps in weight loss. rice is a good source of vitamins and light on digestion, lentils have a good source of fiber, and vegetarian protein is very good for the mind and body. After yoga class lentil soup will give healthy nourishment. I hope you guys will like today’s recipe.

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