vegetarian snack

It’s Tuesday and almost evening time, I was working to make a vegetarian snack that is filling and very healthy. a cold front is still here. I tried to fertilize my plants today, I bought some small fruit trees and still waiting to plant them outside, once the frost will pass. I can hear the birds chirping. I have an adorable dog name galaxy. We adopted her 7 years ago. I think the sun is setting and I am ready to make my nice chickpea salad. It’s healthy and full of Protein. Its other name is garbanzo beans, iron, Mn, vitamins are part of this bean salad.


2cups of Garbanzo beans.

one fourth cup of chopped fresh onions.

one cup of chopped red juicy tomato.

salary salt and chopped salary leaves for garnish.

juice of one lemon and pepper.

Get a bowl Take boiled and cooked garbanzo beans. put in a bowl then add chopped red onion. dip the onion in water to take its sharpness away., before chopping. ad some salt pepper, chopped green chili. Add one-fourth of a teaspoon of cumin, ginger, and garlic half teaspoon. Mix them well and squeeze the juice of one lemon. It tastes great and is very healthy and delicious. chickpeas have great nutritional value. Very good for weight management, reduces sugar levels right after eating, good for diabetes management. full of vitamins, fiber, iron, and folate. Rich in plant protein., good for bone health and muscle mass. I hope you guys will try this salad. give comments on how is it.

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