Indian curry

Its evening time and the day was ok, try to do housework and keeping myself busy with my art and craft project. weather today is cold. still waiting for the best of summer to come. today for dinner I am making indian curry with Basmati Rice. curry powder is blend of spices that is good like turmeric has curcumin very good to boost immune system. coriander powder is good for cleaning the digestive system. cumin has cooling effect on body. use salt in moderation. red chilli littlebit goes long way. curry powder lowers glucose level, reduces inflammation contains antioxidants.

Recipe for veg curry

chopped onions half cup.

salt half teaspoon.

1 teaspoon of minced ginger.’

1teaspoon of garlic.

1tea spoon of curry powder, its a blend of indian spices.

Take a pot add teaspoon of coconut oil, cumin , ginger and garlic and onion. cook them until golden brown then tomato puree in it. cookiit littlebit then sdd soyabean, peas and cut potatoes. soyabean small balls called nutrela. add all the ingredients and 2 cups of water. cook it until nice and soft. easy and good source of protein. its healthy. serveit with cooked Basmati rice. 1cup of rice with 2cups of water on low heat will comes perfectly nice and fluffy. and rich source of vitamin B , K and E. they are delicious and very ggod for digestive system.

I hope you guys will like my recipe. Make shore all the ingredients are organic to get full benefits. its vegetarian and easy on stomach and pure .

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