garden tips

May is almost here and still looking for sunshine and nice warm weather. today I shopped for,. some flower pots. hopefully, my flowers survive and grow. finally the weather is ready for gardening , preparing the soil amending it if we need to. some gardening tips for good gardening are listed below.


Always use fresh fertilizer with new garden soil.

Prepare yourself for cold front and excess rain. Cover the plants to save from excess cold or excess rain.

Grow companion plants along with vegetables.

Always check acidity and alkalinity of soil.

Try to make light weight pots so they can easy to carry.

Make shore plants have proper drainage.

Gardening is a skill takes time to perfect it and learn it, lots of challenges comes during gardening season , because of weather changing.

Always use organic weed killer that is not harmful to pets and kids. After nice tips on gardening we are ready for our lunch.

Now we are ready for our recipe for todays lunch. Today I am making Indian vegetarian dinner. its easy and very healthy. roti , mixed vegetables and yogurt are on our menu. If anybody intrested send me Gmail and we can send it to you.


buy precut mixed vegetables and put some indian spices mix made of turmeric, coriander seeds, chilliflakes, ginger, garlic and some salt. add 2 teaspoons of it in 2cups od mixed vegetables. add tablespoon of coconut oil and teaspoon of cumin in it. put it on heat in apan and roas t it alittlebit then add all spices , stir it and add vegetables. cookit on medium to low heat until nice and soft for 10 minutes. then put it in a serving dish. serve it with home made roti and yogurt. roti is made of dough, its a flat bread made of whole wheat flour. good source of fiber , protein and minerals. vegetables are good source ofvitamins and easy on stomach. yogurt is probiotic. little bit of indian pickle will give this meal a spice boost. I hope you guys willl ike my recipe. its delicious and very good and healthy for stomach.

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