evening tea

Today the day was cloudy and rain, after a whole day evening is the time to enjoy a cup of warm tangerine and lime tea with a spoon of honey. after buying some more garden trees we feel better and hopefully able to take care of them nicely. evenings are still cool and our grass needs some work. I can see some weeds are growing, need to take care of them when the weather will improve. I hope my flowers will flourish and give nice fragrance. my embroidary project is going really well.hopefully I will able to catch up on my home made soaps skill and feel better. another nice salad with millet could be a good idea.


1cup of millet.

1cup of nicely cut tomatoes.

small salad leaves.

make sure eall the ingredents are organic.

Take a cup of millet and add 2cups of water then boil it until its cooked nice and soft then add cubes of cucumber, tomatoes and baby carrots. add few salad leaves then make anice home made vinegaret and drizzle on it. its delicious and healthy. good on appetite and light, add shredded chedder cheese on it to make it zesty.

Recipe for salad dressing.

Mix olive oil and vinegar with salt and pepper. Put it on millet salad and its very good for stomach and healthy. I hope you guys will like my recipe. have happy spring.

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