summer day

After spring going towards summer is a nice experience and using gardening tools to start my gardening adventure. I planted a few plants and feels good and hopefully find more seeds and plants to grow during this spring season. I think I need new potting soil to plant. one of my art projects is almost done and I am looking forward to starting a different one. Drinking a cup of tea with a brownie is a good choice after a long shopping day, a nice cool breeze is blowing with a whistling noise feels nice sitting outside on the deck. I think today’s dinner is sushi with a nice salad. sunshine makes me feel good and cozy. Hopefully my garden will bring nice and vibrant color flowers with a beautiful fragrance.


Few salary sprigs, cuttings length-wise.

Tomato slices, cut nice and thin., cut lengthwise.

Cucumber slices peeled and cut lengthwise.

put in a serving plate and decorate it with salad and few pieces of sushi, eat sushi with ginger and soya sauce and wasabi. eat salad with ranch dressing my kids favorite.

serve it with nice ranch dressing. It’s delicious and light on the stomach and be eaten as an appetizer before a meal.

baby carrots

put all the ingredients in a nice bowl. add a few salad leaves and garnish it with crumbled cheese of any kind. I used feta one of my favourite cheeses mostly used in greek salad. then add greek dressing made with vinegar and olive oil with sea salt and peppercorns. mix it well and it’s ready to eat. salad is good for stomach. cheeses are healthy full of calcium .


sushi is Japanese food. Its rice and thinly sliced veggies and fish wrapped. Dip it in soya sauce and wasabi and ginger. it’s delicious and healthy. good on stomach and a little different than everydays routine. nori is a kind of seaweed. I hope you guys will like today’s blog. it’s nice and easy. combination of nori with ginger and soya sauce is very delicious.

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