evening snack

It is almost evening time, after planting my flowers and drinking a cup of tea working on another cool snack in making, feeling better, and checking today’s news about what’s going around the world. I think it’s going to rain at the night and my garden will feel better. I am planning on planting some more flowers tomorrow. I think most of the trees are sprouted and waiting for nice warm weather. I hope in a week or so I will be able to work on my vegetable gardening and plants. I think I have to work on some organic weed killer to clean up my yard to get rid of harmful weeds. today’s brunch is making lentil soup with rice and serving it with feta cheese and french bread.


1cup of red lentils

half cup of rice

half teaspoon of salt, a pinch of black pepper, a teaspoon of turmeric a, garlic and ginger powder, and cumin. mix them. Then take lentils and rice and add 3 cups of water, boil them until they are cooked nice and soft on low heat. then add all the spices and a teaspoon of coconut oil. then take them off the heat after cooking them for 3 more minutes so all the spices can be mixed and cooked nicely. off the heat and put a few spoons in a serving bowl with cheese dressing and some garnish with a piece of french bread. it’s nice and warm and healthy and very satisfying and good for the stomach.

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