april showers

springtime is coming and I am waiting for my garden to be better like last summer. After long months of winter and cold finally, the weather is improving and trees are sprouting and flowering season is coming. raining is a very important part of this season so all the vegetation will flourish and brings flowering season and a beautiful summer breeze full of nice fragrance. The trees outside look much better and way greener than before. After long winter now it’s time to refresh the memory by writing about things that we are going to achieve this season. I think after we weeks we are able to plant our flowers outside in the garden. I think drinking a cup of tea with homemade dry orange and a spoonful of honey. A warm cup of tea with homemade coconut cookies would be a beautiful way to enjoy the weather and prepare for the coming season to grow more plants. planting season will bring happiness and flourishing in so many ways. I think I am going to write about the coconut cookie recipe.


Take a cup of flour. and one-fourth cup of sugar, add one-fourth cup of grated coconut, one a fourth cup of coconut oil. Mix them well and in the oven after preheating to 275 °C. Then a parchment paper and add a spoonful of cookie dough in a row. Then put it in an oven for 7 minutes. Then take them out of the oven and let them cool.

Tea recipe

Boil a cup of orange and ginger herbal tea and enjoy it with a coconut cookie.

I hope you guys will enjoy my recipe for coconut cookie with a warm cup of tea.

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