Morning tea with omlate

I woke up in the morning and take a bath and came down stairs and make my tea with fennel and cardamom and few cloves after drinking a glass of water in the morning helps to make the stomach feel better. eating a whole grain toast will help to curve the breakfast and make us feel better. i think going from fall to Winter could be intresting. Changing decor and cleaning messes will improve house and be creative will be very helpfull in coming winter becausel be less boring and we will able to make something good.

Recipe for tea

Take two cups of water boil it with cardamom, cloves and fennel. Add two pouches of tea and seep it for few minutesthen add milk and warm it and put it in a cup and drink it with a toast . It will help to fill stomach and make you feel better.

recipe for making omelate

Take few eggs and beet it then add few veggies in it. Cook it and then eat that omelate with Toast. I hope breakfast will make us feel better.

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