zucchini and potato gratan

today is Friday and I hope sun shine is good , so we will able to sit outside . I hope our vegetables are growing and absorbing as much sunshine as they can. trees looks ok. everything outside is green and ok. I hope we will able to do something outside, like gardening, try to grow a produce that is healthy and nutritious. I was able to make delicious lunch. I will right about some vegetables and that healthy and good for appetite and digestion.


potatoes are native to Asia and America. they are root vegetables. can be grown in dirt outside. After few months when they are fully grown then take them out of the dirt and wash them. very healthy good for weight loss when eat in moderation.  good source of vitamin B6, B1,B6, potassium and phosphorous and folate.


Zucchini are native to Asian countries. They are green and very nutritious. good source of vitamins and minerals. can be grown outside in dirt. presence of vitamin A and C helps to improve vision. It may reduce cholesterol and helps in weight loss.  I hope you guys will like my recipe and enjoy the food I made.         

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