Ginger and garlic pickle

Its Wednesday and I hope weather will show some improvement. Warm and sunny weather would be nice. I have that will improve life expectancy and we will improve our weather and our veggies. I hope I am able to make some beautiful pickles. they are pro biotic and very healthy for digestive system.

garlic pickle

garlic is native to Asia. it is one of the oldest cultivated crops. garlic helps to lower blood helps to lowers cholesterol. it is anti bacterial and anti septic. good to improve immune system. it has unique taste and  may gives you bad breath.


Ginger is another herb that is grown in Asia. very spicy taste and always used in Asian cuisine. good for digestion and anti viral and good overall.

chilly pepper

chilly pepper are grown in Asia and has different colors and different kind of spiceness to them. some are more spicier then others. has good source of vitamin A because of presence of beta carotene. like sunshine .

ginger , garlic and peppers are used from ancient times  until today. are wildly used in Asian cuisine. these spices cures many diseases like common cold to digestive problems.


Take a cup of peeled garlic, ginger and chilli peppers. add some mustard oil, salt and pepper in it. mix them and put the jar in sun shine and after few days its ready to eat.  It has very unique flavor and can cure certain ailments.

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