carrot lettuce and pepper

It is Tuesday and weather is cloudy and sunny. vegetation is green and ground is very wet. its almost 2 weeks  of raining , seems like very familiar change. month of July used to have rains. we will appreciate few days of sunshine to grow our veggies. I hope we will find right season to plant our rest of the trees. The medicinal plants in our backyard was great. hope fully we will able to grow right products that are free of diseases. I think we are going to write about baby carrots.

Baby carrots

  • They are native to Asian and American countries. can be grown in veggie gardens but need appropriate soil conditions. carrots are  good source of vitamins, vitamin A is very healthy for Eye health. beta carotene is good source of anti oxidants that will boost your immune system. carrots can be eaten raw, as salad and even after cooking.

Romain lettuce

  • Its native to European countries  and grown in veggie gardens. green leaves are full of vitamins and good for health and digestion. lettuce  can be used in salads and very good.


  • chives are green garlic. very good for flavoring dishes and very good for heart health. removes bad breath and has antibacterial properties. good to garnish dishes .
  • Peppers are good to grow, can be very good for digestion if used in moderation. some of them are spicy and some are sweet. Help to fasten the metabolism good source of vitamins. peppers are good to ease cold symptoms and helps to reduce cough.


  • Take baby carrots, Romain lettuce, some sweet peppers with some chives.  Mix them well. Add some salt and pepper and add some lime juice and serve it.     

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