garlic and strawberries for health

Companion planting of strawberries and garlic.

Its Wednesday and weather finally seems better and sun shine came after so long. its almost afternoon and I am drinking my afternoon cup of coffee with some awesome pictures from outside. our foliage is great and trees seems better. I think we are able to do some work today. mash potatoes we made yesterday was great. I made them with some Indian spices turns out awesome. with a sprinkle of cheese its good and nutritious. I am going to write about strawberries.


strawberries are first originated in France. strawberry plant can be used as medicinal plant. strawberries are very rich in antioxidants and good for heart health and decreases diabetes. They are excellent source of Folate vitamin c and very high in water content. It has soluble fiber in it. potassium and vitamin k and E. vitamin c is good for skin cleaning and allergies. It boosts immune system and good for digestion.


garlic is originated in Asia and western China. it also a favorite of middle eastern people. garlic has many medicinal properties. Its aromatic, spicy and good for loosing fat and good for heart health. it lowers blood pressure, lows cholesterol. good for digestive system it can control bad odour and bad breath bacteria and kill it. Its anti bacterial. boosts immune system by fighting against bad viruses. also boosts brain function. promotes longevity. garlic has beneficial effects against common cold and flues. eating garlic daily is good for health. garlic detoxify the blood and lowers blood sugar level. good for bone health. It also have anti analgesic capabilities. It relieves pain ease heart burn. 

I hope you guys will like my article on strawberries and garlic plantation.

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