healthy living

Its night time. Its raining outside and weather is turning darker and cloudy. hope fully our pillow strip is ok for our grandparents. I can hear thunder and lightning outside and it seems scary. I hope sun will shine and bring warmth and sunshine to our backyard. Its next day and its still cloudy. I hope the weather will clear. our planet will get a ray of sun with warmth and sunshine. the foliage on the trees has green leaves. our shed in backyard is full of rust and falling apart. Its like biblical raining all over the place. our grass is getting greener day by day. trees are full of green foliage. Hopefully sun shine will bring all our animals outside under the sun. our neighbors trees are so big you cannot even imagine. I think the in this age of darkness we can survive by meditating, be vegetarian and doing yoga classes on time. yoga can bring great changing in you by awakening the energy  vortexes in the body. Energy healing is essential part of yogic practice. herbal remedies are another part of satwik Jeevan. Great things comes with great achievements. sometimes staying alone helps to figure out who we are not what we were. Let go our past life and achieve nirvana for better and cleaner living. I think eating healthy is very important. Green leaves and vegetables including lentils are good.


Radishes can be grown worldwide and very unique umami flavor . They can be grown in ground and in pots.  Very good for digestive system and have cooling effect on body. Even the green leaves are full vitamins and it detoxify the system. organically grown plant life is way more resistant to viruses and bad bacteria’s.


take a cup of sliced purple radishes, European ones that are less potent and more sweeter. then wash the diet with their green leaves and cut them before surviving. make rice vine vinegar dressing and some salt and pepper and mix them. eat it , its healthy. Adding some asparagus in your diet is good addition.

I think that’s good for today and we will write another article tomorrow.     

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