herbal tea benefits recipes

Today is Monday and weather is again cloudy. I hope we will able to grow some good plants for coming days. we will be able to drink a cup of herbal tea. I hope we will able to make some cookies with tea. herbal teas are very good for slimming and for digestion. It can make you sleep and slows you. one of the very good tea is tulsi tea.


tulsi is from basil family and very fragrent. It originates in Asian countries.  Tulsi eases the nerves and good to treat asthma, colds and flus. It is an adptogenic herb. it is closely related to basil. Eugenol has pain relieving properties. apigenin helps to reduce waste. It boosts immunity and helps to balance hormones in woman. It is good for health.


Take two cups of water and add few leaves of hibiscus plant and seep in warm water for ten minutesadd tea spoon of honey and stir it and drink it . its good for you.

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea plant originates from North Africa and southeast Asia. it  is served warm to reduce hypertension, reduce bad fat called cholesterol, helps in loosing weight. its tart just add teaspoon of honey and its good for healthy living.


Take  2 cups of water add few basil leaves and add tea spoon of honey. Warm the water stir it and sip it. its good for throat and clearing cough.

Its good and healthy.

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