quinoa salad

Today is Saturday and weather seems to be cloudy and rainy. Nice wind is blowing outside. I hope we will able to finish what we started. I heard birds are chirping outside. Trees outside looks great and grass seems green and hopefully in better condition. I think I am going to write about dinner we made. Its quinoa salad. Hopefully I will able to buy some sheets for my bed.


  • It’s a grain used by Mayan people in Mexico. Its good source of protein , vitamins and minerals. Its good source of antioxidants, fiber, magnesium. It contains compounds quercetin and kaempferol.  It has low glycemic value. Good for diabetic people.


  • Take 2cups of quinoa and add 2 cups of water then boil it until its fully cooked. Then diced a tomato, celery and some basil leaves and little bit of salt and pepper. Squeeze some lemon juice on it. Then mix all the ingredients and put it in a bowl. Its yummy and delicious and healthy.

I think that’s enough for today and you guys will

like my recipe.

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