salmon with pickled radishes

Today is Monday and weather seems fine weather is very calm and  and I think we are going to do some yard work in evening  and our trees seems to be fine. Its looks sunny and bright and we are going to work to make our front area beautiful like backyard. Its hard work but we will able to achieve good results with great effort and stamina. I think I am going to wrote about a beautiful radish pickle with a great umami flavor and very unique flavor very good with drinks and appetizers and has beneficial effect on body and  helps to cleanse liver. I am going to wrote are recipe with fish and pickled radish. Use your radish leaves to garnish your dish.


  • Salmon is afresh water fish full of omega 3s and very good for brain and go magnesium are good source food source of protein. Vitamin c, iron, vitamin B6 are healthy for non vegetarian people.  Most of the fishes thrives on algae as a food.


  • Take salmon fillet and sprinkle salt and pepper and some lemon wedges cook them on low heat  for 10 minutes and serve them with nice fluffed cooked Basmati rice. Very delicious to eat and serve.


  • Radishes thrives in little bit of cold weather and very unique flavor . they are excellent source of minerals and fiber and vitamins and good for health. Help to detoxify liver and good for digestive system.


  • Take a cup of diced radishes add some salt pepper and rice wine vinegar. Cover it and keep it refrigerated and eat this with your fish and rice dinner. Very good and delicious to eat.

I hope you guys will like my recipe for today.

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