nutritious south Indian dinner recipe

Its Friday June 4. Weather was very tropical, and it was raining all day. Hope that new fennel sprouts will flourish and achieve excellence. But my today’s achievement is putting new sprouts the dirt outside in our beautiful tiny chambers of eco friendly dirt and hope for right environmental conditions for growth patterns. Weather is very moist and getting some sunshine. Growing grass outside like cows are grazing in the fields and looks amazing and out of this world. Nature is at its full bloom and creation is taking its course to flourish. Watching trees growing with so many different kinds of leaves and patterns and even different colors are incredible. I think I am going to write about yummy food we made yesterday.


  • Kale is a leafy vegetable with green leaves and mostly survives in a wet and sunny environment. Full of vitamin A , C, K and other essential nutrients. Good for healthy digestive system and creativity. Yesterday we tried a south Indian dish called sambar. I am going to write a recipe for it with some store-bought lentil donuts and white rice idilis. It was so satisfying healthy and nutritious.


  • Take a cup of yellow lentil powder, put it aside. Take a pot add some coconut oil, add some cumin , turmeric , ginger and garlic and coriander and  methi dana and salt. Cook it until all the ingredients are goldnish brown and add some chopped tomatoes. Cook it until its soft then add chopped kale and powdered yellow dal and two tablespoons of moringa powder. Add 3 cups of water. Cook it until it has curry like consistency and then take it off the heat and taste it. It is very nutritious and healthy for you.


  • Rice is grown worldwide and very nutritious when steamed until its nice and fluffy. Full of some healthy carbs, vitamins, selenium, vitamin k.
    • coconut chutney
  • its made with grated coconut with some mustard seeds, some mint , salt and pepper and few seeds of lentils and good for digestion.


  • Take two cups of rice and two cups of water. Put it in a pot with a tablespoon of coconut oil and some grated coconut, add some sliced brown onions and cook it at low heat until they are soft and fluffy. Off the heat. take a serving bowl add some rice and sambar on top of it and some toasted coconut powder for garnish. Its ready to serve and tastes great., it will make you smarter because its smarter and better choice for  I hope you guys will like todays recipe and its very good yummy dinner.

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