summer salad greens


Its Monday and as usual we work up and tried to do our daily work and after eating our breakfast and drinking a cup of tea writing about warm weather outside. Seems very sunny and wind is blowing. For now, everything seems fine. Hopefully its raining tonight and all the thirsty plant life will get fresh and clean rainwater. I think we are going to write about some unique salad greens.

Red leaf lettuce

  • Red leaf lettuce and have good amount of antioxidants in it and have vitamin A and vitamin C and can be used in making sandwiches. It can be grown in pots and needs little bit cooler temperature.


  • Its another kind of salad green. It has mustardy flavor and belongs to Brassica family. Detoxify the body and cleanses the system and good for brain function. Good for metabolism and helps in weight reduction.

Boston lettuce

  • Its another kind of lettuce that belongs to daisy family. Full of nutrients, vitamin A , vitamin C and  helps to reduce iron deficiency, good amount of Calcium is god for bone health and good in salads, very mild in taste.
  • Escarole is another kind of lettuce. It has vitamin A, vitamin C in it. Its good source of calcium. It could be served as salad and good crunch in it.

Romain lettuce

  • It is grown in pots and needs good amount of water and have green leaves and good source of vitamins and healthy. Romain lettuce is good source of vitamin c and vitamin beta carotene has vitamin A in it that is good for eyesight.

Iceberg lettuce

  • It’s a crisp lettuce can be grown in pots. It has cabbage like bulbs and good source of vitamins and important part of healthy diet.  All these salad greens like shady places outside. Its found in Asian market and even in Europe.
  • Buy some mixed green salad leaves and put it in serving bowl and add home made dressing with olive oil lemon and some salt and pepper. I hope you guys will like my recipe and give comment, how did we do today.

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