healthy salad recipes

Its Thursday night and evening turns dark when the sun sets and the skies turn kind of pinkish and yellow with the tint of blue in the sky. Weather seems cloudy and I can hear frogs outside. Hopefully all the crops we are counting on will turn better. We tried so new ideas and hopefully will progress in to a better relationship with our friendly people. I hope our surroundings will improve. I think I am going to talk about coconut oil and its benefits.


  • Coconuts are mostly grown in tropical weather where the condition are humid and weather is kind of muggy. Coconut oil improves health and encourage reducing fat and reduce seizers. Very good for brain function and memory boost. Very good for skin, hair and even mouth health. Anti bacterial and reduces bacteria and viruses. Its one of the super foods and used  even in cooking and healthy lifestyle.


  • Cabbage is  a green vegetable full of vitamins , calcium and good for digestion. Its good source of vitamin c. keeps heart healthy and lowers blood pressure and helps in weight reduction because of low calories. It can be eaten raw or cooked.


  • Shredded cabbage salad. Shred a cabbage and some carrots and mix it with warm coconut oil and some lemon juice and salt and pepper. Its heart healthy and good for digestive system and helps in weight reduction and improves digestion.


  • Potatoes are grown world wide and gives very good crops and very nutritious. Full of vitamins and  have good carbs, vitamins like C, B6are good. Very versatile and good in any kind of cuisine.


  • Boil few potatoes and cut them in to pieces and take 2 cups and put them in a salad bowl. Make your own mayo with olive oil reduction and addition of salt and pepper. Mix it well and its good and healthy.

I hope you will like my recipe of the day.

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