different kinds of peppers

Today is Wednesday and its almost afternoon and after eating my healthy protein filled eggs and toast and looking outside my back yard area and after some spring cleaning felt good . Hopefully we will able to plant some new trees and improve our backyard. We need to clean our weeds and improve some nooks and crannies so we can feel light and better. Weather seems ok today. Sunny and full of sunlight. I think we are going to write about benefits of different kinds of peppers.

Black pepper

  • Black pepper plant is grown in Tropical weather and like rain and humid conditions. Its spicy and used in cooking and also very good for health in cold and cough season. Little bit of black pepper in a cup of tea will improve chest congestion and improves health. Its good on palate and a pinch of black pepper on any vegetable tastes good.

Cayenne pepper

  • Its another form of chili pepper that we can find in any where from Asia to Europe. A pinch of cayenne pepper improves metabolism and reduce hunger. Even kills cold and flu viruses  and good to use. Presence of beta carotene helps to improve eye sight and its good source of choline and lutein  and vitamin A.

Poblano peppers

  • Its another kind of pepper that is grown in warm tropical weather in European and Asian countries. Its used in Spanish and Mexican cuisine. Roasted poblano pepper sauce is good to serve with appetizers.

Serrano pepper

  • Its another kind of pepper has little bit of heat and when they ripe are yellow and red in color. In tomatillo salsas serrano peppers are good and yummy. Full of vitamin A and flavonoids and beta carotene.

Habanero pepper

  • Its one of the hottest and smallest in size. Packed with heat and very spicy on palate. Mostly popular in Caribbean and Yucatan peninsula. Its good for making sauces and contains some vitamins. If used in moderation  makes dishes spicy and even hot.

Recipe for hot sauce

  • Take a cup of any green chili pepper add a cup of any kind of red tomatoes and salt and one fourth cup of vinegar. Add to a sauce pan and cover it. Cook it until its saucy and then use it in appetizers. In a hot summer day with a cup of lemonade and after a cup of warm coffee will sooth the palate. Any kind of cookie will make things better. Then preserve the sauce after cooling in a bottle and put it in refrigerator and used  less  because its hot.  I hope you guys will like todays blog and comment on it so we know how are we doing.

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